Geometry Placement Test

Our Geometry placement test uses computer adaptive test (CAT) technology to assess beginning geometry skills quickly. The Geometry Placement CBM Skills module will work well for students in grades K-3 or students working on skills typically introduced in these grades.

Once your students have completed this module, use the teacher reports section to view the individual test items, total score, and percentile score. The percentile score can be used to compare test performance (higher is better), but please keep in mind that the percentiles are based on mastery of content questions from the entire K-3 geometry standards.

To get started with the CBM Skills Geometry Placement:

1) Log in to your CBM Skills teacher account

2) You can assign this new module to either an existing math group or create a new group in 'Group Modules.'

3) From the' Student Overview' section, ensure your students are assigned to a math group that contains the Geometry Placement module.

4) After your students have completed this module, you can view their progress in the 'Reports" Student Report section.

Click on the achieved badge (1) to see the student's performance on the test. By selecting the test (2) and then 'Review' (3) you can review the student's response to each item.

To review a group's progress on the test, select 'Progress Overview' from the Reports menu and then toggle the arrow to display the group on the Geometry tab. Student progress and achievement will be displayed.