Completing a Math Module

Once logged in, students will see the modules assigned to them by their teacher. 

Select a module to attempt by clicking on it and the first item will open. Type your answer in the box and click on 'Answer'

A pop up box will let you know if you answered correctly or not.

If you don't answer the question correctly, we'll let you know. And you can see what question you are on and if you have answered them correctly by noting the filled in circles at the bottom of the box. Blue=correct, Gray=incorrect.

At the end of the 10 questions in the module you may have the chance to answer one more question and level up a badge if you answer that bonus question correctly.

In the example above, if you select 'Yes' you have the chance to upgrade to a Silver badge. If you answer 'No' you will be awarded a Bronze badge for this module. When you complete the module, with our without the bonus question, you have the option to close the module or to replay.

When you close the window you will return to your home screen and see the badge icon you earned next to the completed module. Below you can see a sliver badge next to the newly completed module.