Deleting Modules From a Group

There are two ways to permanently or temporarily delete a module from a group; either by selecting 'Edit Modules' or from the 'Group Modules' home page. If you select 'Edit Modules' you will be taken to a  'Modules Management' pop up window. Select the module you wish to delete and then use the arrow in the middle of the screen to move it back to the 'All Available Modules' column, and then click 'Save.'

The module is now no longer associated with your group. 

OR, from the 'Group Modules' screen, hover over the module you wish to delete until you see the 'X' appear in the bottom right of the module. Select the 'X' to delete the module from your group.

Confirm you wish to delete the module by clicking on 'Delete'

WARNING: If you delete a module for a group of students and students have completed that module, the student data will not show in reports until you re-add the module back into the group. The data is not lost, just not available for teacher or student review.